News Flash:

Registration is in progress everyday from 8: 00am to 6:00pm.

Reports cards are available for pickup between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Thursday.  

Agape′ Jr. Academy is accepting Special Needs and Arete Scholarships. 

School reopens on 8/5/2015 for Semester 1 of the 2015-2016 school year. The faculty & staff extend a blessed new school year to all our families. 
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Thank you for your interest in Agapé Jr. Academy. Here you will find educators, parents, and students engaged in the goal of providing education for a lifetime in a safe and secure environment. We strive for excellence in our academic core and connection classes and help each student bring out such qualities as kindness, helpfulness, and concern for others. We help our students strive for positive social engagements with others in the community.

We believe in small classrooms so as to optimize the emotional, physical, and intellectual gifts of each child and where individual instruction can be maximized. It is our vision to instill confidence in each child, an individual sense of responsibility, and that each student recognize the need to have a plan for a future filled with life-enhancing goals and for them to realize their full potential.

Our teachers and staff are caring, concerned, and committed to the educational process. Respect for self, others, strict discipline, and high academic performance are priorities that are taught and emulated. Should you desire your child to be a part of this multi-ethnic, high-achieving atmosphere, please contact us soon to schedule an appointment. We admit on a first come basis. Thanks for your interest and for choosing Agapé Jr. Academy.